Autodesk Desktop Connector

Ideate Software solutions are designed to be integrated with Autodesk Desktop Connector, where possible, to provide the best possible collaborative environment between your Autodesk Construction Cloud Revit models and your other non-Revit documentation. We have a limited ability to manage changes made by Autodesk without access to an API. You can let Autodesk know this is important by voting for this idea on the BIM 360 API forum.

Desktop Connector 16.x Benefits

Unlike version 15.x, the 16.x version of Autodesk Desktop Connector has the ability to always download the current version of a file to your local machine. This important change means that many of the workflows supported by Ideate Software, and in particular Ideate Sticky, can work as expected because the contents of the file and the metadata such as the last saved date of an Excel file, can be programmatically understood. We highly recommend that you take advantage of these new features within the Desktop Connector as described below.

Select Projects to Sync

The latest release of Desktop Connector enables you to select and add up to 40 of your BIM 360 and Autodesk Docs projects to your Autodesk Docs connector in File Explorer. By adding only the projects you need, you can better manage your local storage space. 

We recommend that you select all active projects that contain Stickies on BIM 360 / Autodesk Docs (ACC). You can learn how in the Autodesk Help Topic — Docs: Manage Projects.

Select Folder to Sync

Once you’ve selected your active Revit projects from the Desktop Connector as described above, you’ll see all of the subfolders display within your Windows Explorer. For any folders that contain content that need read/write access, use the right-click menu and pick “Always keep on this device” as shown below. This will ensure that your Ideate Stickies, for example can be read properly during the auto-update process because the date modified will mirror the information stored in the cloud on BIM 360/ACC.

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