How Do I Manage Revit Worksets in Ideate Explorer?

When managing Revit worksets in Ideate Explorer note that in addition to controlling element ownership, worksets can be used to control visibility. In these instances the BIM Manager will want to ensure that each model element has been assigned to the correct workset. Use this process to manage the workset assignments:

  1. Start Ideate Explorer.
  2. Set the Display to "Entire Project"
  3. Set the Sort By: to "Workset"
  4. Use the <Model> Filter.
  5. Expand the workset hierarchy to show the list of all user-defined worksets.
  6. Select the elements by Category, Family and/or Type that are in the incorrect workset.
  7. Exit Ideate Explorer.
  8. Use the Properties palette to change the Workset value to the appropriate workset.

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