Troubleshooting Partner Card Visualizations

  1. Permissions — must have project and folder level permissions to see Partner Card.
  1. Partner Card Disappears — the most likely cause is because the Card was not saved.
  1. Is it possible to be in one project and display the warnings in another project?
  1. Custom Integration is grayed out during setup.
  1. Error Messages:

No valid project found. A BIM 360 subscription and custom integration are required.

Two issues possible:

  1. Unexpected Warnings Count with Linked Files loaded.

If the published Revit file has loaded linked files, the warnings count may be higher/lower than expected, depending upon BIM 360 setup of the linked files. In some cases, the linked file data may not be present during the Forge warnings processing.

Examples of the kinds of unexpected warnings include:


7.  Large File Size not completing visualization — See Release Notes — March 1, 2021.



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