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  1. Does this cloud application work as a desktop app as well within BIM 360?

The Ideate Dashboard for Autodesk BIM 360 project works solely within the Autodesk BIM 360 environment.

  1. What versions of Revit files will Ideate BIM 360 Dashboard visualize?

Revit 2018 – Revit 2021.

  1. How must the Revit files be loaded in BIM 360 for the Dashboard Cards to work?
  1. Where will the Dashboard Cards be shown?

They should be shown on the BIM 360 Project Home Page.  Cards can be placed on the Project Insight Page (but not supported).

  1. What permission level must I have to setup/create the Dashboard Cards?

How permissions rules are set are created by Autodesk.  See Autodesk Knowledge Network for more information (BIM 360 > Permissions).

  1. To view my files and create the Dashboard Card, is authentication through Autodesk required?

Yes.  Each time you start BIM 360 and want to see the Dashboard Card, you will need to grant rights for Autodesk to read your model data. 

  1. How often does Autodesk ask for authentication?

Autodesk sets the time limit for authentication (presently around 2 hours).  Also, if you sign out and sign back in, authentication is required.

  1. Will each user have to set up their own partner card or can an Administrator ‘push’ card to other users? 

No, at this time (Autodesk limitation), each user must create their own partner card.  It is possible to share the unique URL created with other users who have permission rights to that project and folder (See Permissions above.).

  1. How are rankings decided?  (default.xml) from Ideate Explorer technology.

  1. Browsers supported
  1. Browsers NOT supported:
  1. What settings must exist on the Browser?
  1. I do not see the Refresh or Login buttons in Microsoft Edge.

Please upgrade to latest “New” Microsoft Edge — see supported Browsers.

  1. How does Ideate BIM 360 Dashboard show unranked warnings?

Unranked Warnings are shown in the tabular field in the KPI Stoplight, and as a white bar in the stacked bar chart.

  1. In the stack bar chart (bar.html) what is the x-axis (horizontal axis)?
  1. I have the following symbol (yellow yield symbol) – what does it mean?

If you hover over the symbol you will get a description of the issue.

  1. How can a see just the files in a project sub-folder when using the bar.html or the count.html viz card?

  1. User Communication Messages:

  1. How do I make sure a user can not see or create a Partner Card?
  1. Large File Size not completing — see Release Notes — March 1, 2021

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