Pop-up Suppression

Ideate Automation is designed to suppress all Revit pop-ups where feasible. Many pop-ups are warnings with a single option of OK or Close the dialog. The Default Family Template File Invalid dialog is a good example of this harmless condition.

Most of these Revit Close/OK dialogs will be automatically suppressed by Ideate Automation. Refer to Known Issues to learn about a few exceptions to this rule.

Other dialogs require a choice where the decision that Automation should make is obvious, such as:

These dialogs will also be automatically suppressed by Ideate Automation, which picks the OK/Ignore/Disable options in order to proceed.

In the case of an Error — cannot be ignored dialog, as shown below, Ideate Automation will pick the option that allows the file to be opened (in this case, using the Delete Dimension option). Note that most automation scripts do not utilize or require a file save action, so this decision will typically be a temporary one and the file will be left in that state until someone later resolves it manually.

There are some conditions, such as the Schema Conflict when Loading a File dialog that have choices that need to be more closely considered and have not yet been suppressed. We are actively reviewing this one and will likely choose the Continue loading the file option based on user feedback.

Third-Party Pop-ups

Pop-up dialogs that occur during the file open process which are triggered by third-party developers will generally not be suppressed by Ideate Automation. The most common is the Security - Unsigned/Signed Add-in dialogs. You can learn more about suppressing them here: The code signing window always appears when launching Revit

In some cases your best option will be to uninstall the third-party app, setup a virtual machine where the app is not installed or find a setting within the app to disable the file open conditions.

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