Export to NWC

  Remove user-error from your NWC export process and optionally save time by creating your NWC deliverables outside of regular workhours by using one of the methods below.

Export the Default 3D View

Use the script called AUT-Export_NWC to export the default 3d view to an NWC file. This script has the View Set (optional) value blank. When this value is left empty it causes the export to use the Revit default 3d view to a single NWC file. The export will include all phases and the primary design option, if applicable.

Export Multiple Views from the Same Revit Model

Ideate Automation supports two method that result in one or more NWC files being created based on a specified list of views. This is useful when you want to create a unique NWC for each vertical or horizontal slice of a building project.

Use Revit View/Sheet Sets

Use the script called AUT-Export_NWC and add the unique name of a Revit View Set, already saved and defined within the project to the View Set (optional) field. 

The Revit view set should only contain views, and not sheets because Naviworks NWC files are intended to contain 3d model data only. To review or edit the Revit View sets refer to Autodesk Revit - Work with View/Sheet Sets for Printing. In the example below this is accessed via the PDF Export dialog. The set must be saved in the project. This Revit View list is a static list that may need to be updated to include newer views. For a more flexible approach, refer to the dynamic option below.

Edit View Set for batch NWC Export with Ideate Automation

Use BIMLink Filters to Define a Dynamic View List

Use the script called IBL-Export_NWC_Dynamic to export a list of views that are dynamically defined by a specified BIMLink Link definition. This script uses a provided link definition called \Ideate Software Scripts\01 Publishing-Dynamic\Views-NWC.link. This link definition includes any view that begins with NWC.

To edit the view filter syntax:

  1. Open this file with Notepad or other text editor: C:\Program Files\Ideate\Ideate Automation\en-US\Samples\Ideate Software Scripts\01 Publishing - Dynamic\Views-NWC.link
  2. Use the Search function to find the NWC value as shown in the image below. This filter finds any view in the project that begins with the letters NWC and passes those view names to the export process.
  3. Change the NWC to your own unique view name prefix then save the file.


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