Ideate Automation Commands

Ideate Automation has a number of Commands that are executed by scripts to complete Tasks in Revit and other applications.

Think of each command as a specialist in a very narrow field of work. The command does very specific work to execute a task. They can perform their work in two environments:

  1. Microsoft Windows OS
  2. Autodesk Revit (Including Revit Add-ins)

The type of work that is performed is categorized by Command Types

OS Command Types   Revit Command Types
File    File  
Revit    View  
Excel    State  
Scripting Logic    Workflow
AdskCloud    Worksharing  

These are the commands that are currently in use in the Sample Content that is delivered with Ideate Automation. Please note, there are additional commands available that are not shown here.

OS Commands
Scripting Logic   
RunScript Used in STL-Analyze_RVT.def to run a Style Manager Analysis
DeleteFile  Removes backup files that are created by some of the Automation QC and File Maintnance scripts.
GetFilesInDirectory  Used in scripts that let you browse to a specified folder location like AUT-Families-Upgrade.def 
GetLinesInFile  Used in nearly every script to GetRevitFileList
GetRevitFileList Reads all Revit files that have been collected in a list.
ExcelProcessFile  Used by IISW-Health_Check.def and others that reference a Revit File List rather than selecting a model(s).
Start Revit  Used by most scripts, allows Revit to be opened without user interaction.
CloseRevit Used at the end of many scripts to cleanly close the Revit application(s).
AdskCloudPublishModel Used by AUT-AdskCloud-Publish_Model.def to publish to the Autodesk Cloud.


Revit Commands  
OpenFile  Once the OS command StartRevit completes, this command will open the specified Revit file(s).
SaveFile  Saves the processed file, updating the existing version.
SaveFileAs  Saves a copy of the processed file, the existing version remains unchanged.
CloseFile  Closes the Revit file(s) prior to the OS Command CloseRevit
GetViewsByName  Used in AUT-Export_IFC.def to select view names
OpenView  Opens a defined view of the Revit model.
CloseView  Closes any views that had been opened by the OpenView command.
ExportFamilies  Exports .rfa files fro m an .rvt file to a defined folder location. Found in AUT-Families-RVT.def 
GetFamilyData   AUT-Families-RFA.def and AUT-Families-Upgrade.def 

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