Manage Door Numbering with Ideate ReNumber for Revit

Using Ideate ReNumber for Managing Revit Door Numbering: Door (and Window) elements have the unique Revit condition of existing between two Rooms, yet most often the numbering goal for Doors is to associate the Door number with a particular Room number, so listing both is not always useful.  Within Revit itself, this Room ‘assignment’ is most frequently done by the initial Door swing placement: wherever the Door swing is, the first time it is placed, becomes the “To Room”. If the Door swing is changed later, this value will not change unless the Door family is utilizing the Room Calculation point. The only Revit method of changing this default Door swing assignment is to use a Revit Schedule to swap the “To Room” value as shown.

Setting the To Room value in a Revit Schedule with Ideate ReNumber

Ideate ReNumber includes two methods to manage this Room-specific information that is unique to Doors (and Windows).

If you are getting unexpected results when renumbering doors using the *Doors rule, check the 'To Room - From Room' setting on the affected doors. The Select Elements (manual pick) method will always use the To Room parameter, the other methods will give the user the ability to use either the To or From Room parameter.

Manage Door Numbering with Ideate ReNumber for Revit

Changing To/From Room Values

Ideate ReNumber will use the Room values for the Room defined as the 'To Room' within the Revit project for Doors unless otherwise specified.

Swap Room Value

This method will swap the To and From Room values, mirroring the behavior found within the Schedule and mentioned above. Doors using the Room calculation value would display a change to the swing. This change is remembered for future renumbering tasks.

Report 'From Room' Value

This method will report the 'From Room' value independent of the Door swing condition. Use this method for room-calculation-point Doors that swing into a non-Room location. By default this checkbox option is temporary for the current renumbering task only. The value can be permanently saved by editing the Room field value within the Rule.

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