Creating Custom Rules in Ideate ViewCreator for Revit

Ideate ViewCreator includes both View Rules and Room Rules to control the behavior of the newly created Revit views.  The Room Rules are used exclusively by the Room Views method. To access both sets of rules select from the cog as shown, then select either Manage View Rules or Manage Room Rules.

Manage View Rules

Ideate ViewCreator includes 20+ rules to cover a variety of standard view name and property standard conditions. You can use these Sample Rules as a starting point to create your own custom rules, or you can start from scratch. All view creation methods utilize view rules. After selecting Manage View Rules as shown above, select a rule from the list, then pick Edit or New.

Edit rule name in Ideate ViewCreator


When creating a new view rule, the first choice is to decide whether the rule should apply to the Room View method or to any of the other three methods. In the image above, the rule is assigned to only the Duplicate Views method. Learn how to choose the method in  Ideate ViewCreator for Revit Overview.

When the Room View method is selected room-based fields will be available for use in naming the views as shown below.

Rule Name

The rule name should be used to explain the purpose of the rule, as the name will display within both the main dialog and the Preview dialog. The naming conventions used for the sample rules is explained within this topic: Sample Rules


The description text will display within the Manage Rules dialog and within the Preview dialog, and should be written to help clarify the purpose of the rule to the end user.


Manage Room Rules

While the view rules control the names of the new views, room rules control the range of view types that will be created as important aspects of sheet and view placement which are unique to the Room Views Method.

A typical Room Rule is shown above. When the rule has a specified title block, then the new views will be placed on a sheet with the options to place all views:

The Prompt? checkbox option controls whether or not the user will be allowed to set a value for the title block. If the Title Block value is set to <none>  and the Prompt? is not checked, then the views will not be placed on a sheet.

The Room Rule also controls which types of views will be created: floor plan, ceiling plan, elevations, and/or 3D views can be simultaneously created per the choices made here.


  1. Selecting the “Callout On” choice for either floor plans or ceiling plans will result in creating a callout plan with the callout marker placed on the specified plan type. If no callout is selected then the new plan view will be an independent view without a callout marker.
  2. When elevations view types are selected, ViewCreator makes (4) views by default. Any unwanted elevation views can be deleted within the Preview dialog.

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