Ideate Software Learning Resources

Individually, Ideate Software Revit plug-in tools (Ideate BIMLink, Ideate Explorer, Ideate Sticky, Ideate StyleManager, and IdeateApps) address specific Revit challenges.

Together, they give Revit users and BIM managers an unprecedented ability to access, manage, find, filter, and control Revit data.

Now, add Ideate Automation running time-intensive tasks in the background so you can do more meaningful work.

Ideate Automation

Your scripting solution to automate Revit and Ideate Software tasks.
View Ideate Automation pages.

Ideate BIMLink

Master your Revit data model.
View Ideate BIMLink pages.

Ideate Explorer

Explore your Revit Building Information model.
View Ideate Explorer pages.

Ideate Sticky

Learn how to connect and format non-BIM Data.
View Ideate Sticky pages.


Improve Revit production work. 
View IdeateApps pages.

Ideate StyleManager

Analyze, Merge & Purge, and Refine ALL the Styles in Revit.
View Ideate StyleManager pages


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