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At Ideate Software, we are passionate about supporting our customers. We want you to get everything you need out of our Revit design software products so you can work smarter, maximize your efficiency, and streamline your workflow. In addition we value continuing relationships over the "one-off" model.

Developing conversations with our AECO customers allow us to refine our products to offer even more value and impact to you, and to invent new products that make working with Autodesk Revit a better, easier experience. We invite and encourage your feedback. On each Support page, you'll find ways to contact us, log feature requests, and quickly find answers to questions that other customers have asked.

"I mentioned the symptoms of the problem I was having in an email. The response I received showed that the support person had a great depth of knowledge on the product. The response gave clear and concise directions on the reason for the problem and how to fix it."

~Walter Mason, BIM Manager, Fifth Dimension

Find out how to delete a hidden DWG, change Family Types, install a copy of Ideate Explorer for Revit over previous versions, and more.

Find out how Ideate Sticky for Revit works, what happens when you update Microsoft Excel information, and more.                                        

  • Simplify the Revit tasks that daily users perform most often
  • Reduce accidental deletions
  • Facilitate problem-solving

These applications – Ideate BIMLink, Ideate Explorer for Revit, Ideate Sticky and IdeateApps for Revit – are in use worldwide by all disciplines of Autodesk Revit: Architecture, MEP, and Structure. Use our products with confidence; we are here to answer your questions. Take advantage of our FREE TRIAL and see for yourself how you can save valuable time with our Revit design software plugin and improve your BIM deliverables. Or SUBSCRIBE NOW.


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