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Easily Integrate and Format Non-BIM Data into Revit Projects

Revit schedules are the perfect tool to represent the data behind your Revit elements, but the lack of a text editor in Revit makes organizing and formatting other essential non-BIM data frustrating and time consuming. Ideate Sticky for Revit combines the ease and flexibility of Excel spreadsheet editing with the convenience of a sticky note. Use Ideate Sticky to elegantly connect non-BIM data from an Excel file into Revit projects, enhancing cross-team workflows.

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“An employee tested this new version of Ideate Sticky, and all he could say was, ‘Wow! It is that fast.’”

~Dan Dankert, CAD / BIM / VDC Manager, Mead & Hunt 

Publish Code Checklists, Starting Views, and Data Design

With Ideate Sticky, Revit professionals can also:

Let Sticky manage the look and feel of your text and other tabular data. You can fluidly edit the text within Excel and highlight updated information. Keep client-specific requests, consultant information or contractor updates front and center for your designers and other teams. Other schedules do not interfere with table creation or modification, and the table generated does not accidentally start scheduling things. Large and complex Revit projects can benefit from scores of Ideate sticky notes with automatic updates. Enjoy the benefits of formatting inside of Excel or Revit. What will you Sticky?


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