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Import/Export Revit Data To/From Microsoft Excel - Control Your Revit Data with Precision and Speed

Autodesk Revit users can easily import/export Revit data to/from Microsoft Excel with Ideate BIMLink. It pulls data from Revit for editing in Excel and then pushes volumes of precise, consequential BIM data back into the Revit model.

Why choose Ideate BIMLink?

Linking Revit and Excel with Ideate BIMLink enables you to export data from Revit to Excel, streamlining data management tasks and dramatically reducing the time they take to perform. Importing data from Excel to Revit means that your models will be instantly updated with all changes, making them clean and correct. 

Boost the Power of Ideate BIMLink with Ideate Automation

Ideate AutomationAdd Ideate Automation to your subscription* to reduce the cost of repetitive BIM tasks by letting them run in the background while your staff does more meaningful work. This scripting solution, which can be run manually or scheduled to run at a more convenient time, provides just-in-time information about key Revit model metrics by automating many Revit workflows, such as:

  • Producing document issue records
  • Exporting PDFs
  • Exporting health check data
  • Preparing COBie data drops
  • Generating quantity takeoff data

*Ideate Automation is included in the cost of an Ideate Software Enterprise subscription. Others can purchase it as a separate subscription. View subscription options or contact your account manager for more information.

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“With Ideate BIMLink, the time spent editing reduced from hours to less than 10 minutes, and we were confident that all the data on the changed parameters was correct. Our staff was happy because they delivered high-quality work quickly without having to perform tedious tasks.”

~Miguel Granja, Engineering PLUS


Avoid manual errors, prevent on-site delays, and remove error-based rework by exporting Revit data to Excel for easy editing and then importing the updated data from Excel into Revit

We designed Ideate BIMLink with the user in mind. Our robust support, including online and recorded classes, blog posts, and help files make it easy to get and use. Visit Getting Started with Ideate BIMLink for an overview of the user interface and to see how easy it is to link Revit to Excel. Check out Using Ideate BIMLink for specific workflows, such as how to export Revit schedules to Excel and how to utilize type swapping. 

In addition to saving time and enhancing the quality of your Revit data, Ideate BIMLink will improve collaboration by enabling Revit users to export data from Revit to Excel where non-Revit users can provide input and then, with a push of a button, they can import the data from Excel into Revit.