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Explore the Time Savings of Ideate Explorer for Revit

Ideate Explorer is a Revit model browser, as opposed to the project browser that comes with Revit, which dramatically reduces the time users spend searching for and editing elements in a Revit model. Less time spent searching and editing models means more time available for interesting and valuable activities.

Do you want to know if the time savings will justify the subscription cost? To help you determine the software’s ROI, in August 2020, we asked architecture, engineering, construction, and building-owner companies (AECO) from around the world about how and how often they use Ideate Explorer, and we created a simple ROI calculator to help you convert the time saved into dollars.

Click on the links below to access the ROI calculator and the survey results in PDF format. Please note that the frequency you perform the tasks may be different, depending on your company and the nature of the Revit work you undertake.

Ideate Explorer ROI Calculator

Ideate Explorer – Top Tasks Table 


Ideate Explorer ROI Calculator

Click on the image below to enter your data.


Ideate Explorer — Top Tasks Table


Tell us how you save time and get more done thanks to Ideate Explorer. Click here to be included in our next success story or to provide a quote. Not using Ideate Explorer yet? Download a trial or subscribe.

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