AS131400 | Clone Yourself and Save Time on Repetitive Revit Tasks

Stop wasting time on tedious, repetitive tasks. With these top BIM data management workflows, you can clone yourself and gain an employee without suffering intense boring work. Say goodbye to human errors and unpredictable outcomes. Save time, improve accuracy, and achieve consistent results effortlessly. In this comprehensive overview, we'll show you real-world examples of how automating your Revit data can transform your work. Learn how to set up and schedule a thorough Revit model health check, effortlessly consolidating information from multiple solutions into a single Excel file. Unleash your data's potential and amplify your productivity with Ideate Automation.
Learning Objectives
  1. Export critical Revit model health data effortlessly, while you sleep.
  1. Generate comprehensive quantity take-off data in a snap.
  1. Obtain comprehensive reports on essential Revit family and project metrics.
  1. Create PDF and DWG exports from Revit files quickly, conveniently, and overnight.
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