Want to simplify your Revit data challenges? If so, this webinar is for you.

Ideate Software is all about helping you confidently manage Revit model data. Part of that help is through Ideate Software’s robust support services. We have online Help files for each product, short how-to videos, live and recorded classes, blog posts, and a technical support team made up of all Ideate Software employees. 

Watch the recording of this webinar to get an overview and demonstration of each of our Revit productivity tools and how they help users manage their Revit data challenges: 

  1. Ideate BIMLink – Take Revit model data into Microsoft Excel where you can copy/paste, fill down, concatenate, find/replace, translate to other languages, and more. Then bring the updated data back into your Revit project. 
  2. Ideate Explorer – A true model browser that allows you to audit your BIM models with certainty. With it, you can find anything in your model. It comes with Ideate Query, which allows you to refine a selection of elements based on a large selection of parameters, and Ideate Warnings Manager, which offers many more features than the Revit warnings manager and makes reviewing and addressing warnings an easy task.
  3. Ideate StyleManager – Aggregates essential graphic style and visibility controls within a single solution, so you can find non-standard styles and decide whether to keep, merge or delete them. This task is nearly impossible to safely accomplish using the native Revit tools.
  4. Ideate Sticky – Allows you to live-link Excel files as schedules, or Word, PDF, or Excel files as images into your Revit projects. Changes to the documents are automatically reflected in Revit. 
  5. IdeateApps – A collection of nine tools that simplify common Revit tasks. This webinar covered Ideate SmartDelete, Ideate ReNumber, Ideate SheetManager and Ideate ViewCreator

Watch a recording of the 75-minute webinar.


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About the Author

Sash Kazeminejad - AIA, LEED AP - Customer Success Manager
Sash earned his Master of Architecture from Montana State University and is a California registered architect, LEED Accredited Professional. He has extensive experience in project management; BIM management; design for architectural firms in California, Montana, and Oregon; and leading classroom and online BIM training. He provides consulting, sales, support, and training solutions to AECO customers around the globe. Find Sash on LinkedIn.