We are pleased to announce the release of Ideate Automation for Revit, a scripting tool for use with Ideate Software tools. It is designed to significantly reduce costs by letting repetitive, time-intensive BIM tasks run silently in the background, freeing designers and engineers for higher-level, more valuable work. It is an important solution for architecture, engineering, and construction businesses that use Autodesk Revit software for large or complex building information modeling projects.

“Automating repetitive tasks is one of the surest and most straightforward ways to improve the bottom line,” said Glynnis Patterson, Director of Software Development, Ideate Software. “Not only does Ideate Automation allow staff to spend more time on meaningful work, it also ensures that task outcomes are highly predictable and standardized.”

Michael Hartley, Technical BIM Manager at Ramboll said, “We were waiting with anticipation for the release of Ideate Automation and we have not been disappointed by its potential. We have started implementing Ideate Automation and the tool is already influencing our workflows. Ideate Automation is allowing us to perform previously fragmented automation tasks and increase our efficiency whilst offering us new possibilities for data collection. This is one tool we have been missing and finally helps connect the dots!”

Examples of tasks to automate with Ideate Automation include: 

  • Exporting key Revit model health data
  • Creating document issue records
  • Preparing COBie data drops
  • Generating quantity take-off data 
  • Generating regular, automated PDF exports
  • Delivering CSV reports on key Revit family and project metrics

Watch this four-minute video for an overview of Ideate Automation:

Here are two short demonstration videos of Ideate Automation workflows:

  1. Publishing to PDF from Revit with Ideate Automation
  2. Revit Model Health Checks using Ideate Automation

For more information, please contact the Ideate Software Sales team.