Use Ideate Explorer for Revit to keep an eye on the Scope Boxes within your project, select and zoom to a Scope Box by the Scope Box name, and to easily transfer all Scope Boxes from one project to another. Learn about this and other Revit auditing tips within the Ideate Explorer online Help file.

Note that Scope Boxes can't currently be transferred between Revit projects using the "Transfer Project Standards" utility. See below how to accomplish this task with Ideate Explorer.

Audit and Transfer Scope Boxes with Ideate Explorer for Revit

To transfer Scope Boxes across projects:

• Use Ideate Explorer to select them all, use Copy to Clipboard, then open the other project and use Paste.

• - OR - select the Scope Box, through the link, by using the Tab select method. This method lets you copy and paste them, though it needs to be done one at a time.

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