Many architecture, engineering, construction, or building-owner companies come to Ideate Software for immediate help with specific Revit challenges. Whether it’s to edit a massive amount of data quickly; confidently audit a large project; merge non-standard styles that always creep into a model; or link Excel, Word and PDF documents to a Revit project, they find an application that helps. Then, when experiencing the time savings and financial payback possible with Ideate Software solutions, they explore our other Revit applications.

Whether you are a one-person shop, a small firm, or a large organization, you will save money as your Revit users and BIM managers gain an unprecedented ability to access, manage, control, find, and filter Revit data. 

Bundle Details

All bundle subscriptions include:

  • Ideate Explorer, Ideate BIMLink, Ideate Sticky, IdeateApps, and Ideate StyleManager
  • Software that works with the current and previous three versions of Revit
  • Bi-annual product updates that offer enhanced functionalities
  • Licensing choices. Select a standalone or floating network (server) license. A third licensing option is in development; soon you can choose a cloud floating network for easier remote access
  • International license use (network; no additional fees) 

“We started with Ideate Explorer and found it provided so much additional functionality to our Revit users that we decided to go with the entire line of Ideate [Software] products. People are amazed at how the Ideate tools streamline so many aspects of their work in Revit.” 

~Mark Schmieding, Director, Digital Practice, Goettsch Partners

For more information, visit the Bundles page on our website or contact us at [email protected].