Sept. 7, 2023 Update

Autodesk announced on 6 September 2023 a fix for the Schema Error, which we highly recommend everyone read carefully. The Autodesk blog post has two very important statements that we would like to emphasize:

“This is an important update for all Revit 2024 (all versions) users, and we recommend that everyone using a 2024 version update to this version as soon as possible. This update is especially important for worksharing users that all project team members are using this release of Revit or higher. Why? To avoid the possibility of older versions of Revit 2024 reintroducing this problem back to the project teams’ model.”   

We are grateful to the Autodesk team for escalating this so quickly. We feel that all customers who want to upgrade older models to Revit 2024 can proceed safely now, being sure to first deploy the new 2024.1.1 version to all Revit users – this should include not only staff but all other Revit collaborators. Outside consultants using 2024.0 or 2024.1 who open a 2024.1.1 file during the same session could trigger this schema error. Everyone must upgrade or no one should upgrade. If you have 2024.0 or 2024.1 files that experience the schema error, your action item is to contact Autodesk, per the details in their solution article.


August 8 Update

Today Autodesk ‘pinned’ the Revit Forum topic that relates to this important issue. Additionally, Kimberly Fuhrman, Revit Community Manager at Autodesk, has noted in that same post: “Yes, this is a critical issue and our teams are focused on getting a solution. We will keep you posted!”. We feel that both items indicate that Autodesk has now escalated this issue to the level it deserves. Thank you to everyone who weighed in on this issue. 


If you have the option, we are recommending that you delay your 2024 upgrade until Autodesk can deliver another update. If you need to move to Revit 2024, which does contain some nice improvements, then we strongly recommend that you carefully follow the workaround steps noted below. The bottom line is that Autodesk has broken our (and other 3rd party) schemas during the 2024.1 upgrade process, so any fix will need to come from them. 



July 31 Update

Since the blog post below was written last week, we’ve learned a little more about this issue.

First, in our support case with Autodesk they have acknowledged the problem and indicated that it would be addressed in the “upcoming releases of Revit. However, at this time, we do not have a timeframe as to when this fix would be available.”

Autodesk has published three articles that relate to this issue. Each article identifies a unique problem but includes the same workaround designed to prevent the problems from happening. The workaround is very labor intensive because it involves closing and re-opening Revit for each file that needs to be upgraded to 2024.1. It is also not yet clear whether linked files would need to be detached during this process. We have tested and confirmed the suggested steps work but feel strongly that preventing the problem from occurring in the first place should be a high priority for a code fix.

We also know that not all projects exhibit this problem and suspect it may relate to files that were started a long time ago. Until we can learn more about the conditions that cause the problem or when Autodesk fixes the problem, we will continue to recommend that our customers refrain from upgrading to 2024.1

You can read the three Autodesk articles at this Revit forum post. Please let Autodesk know that this fix is important to you by posting or liking this newer post. 


The newly published Revit 2024.1 update, released on July 11, 2023, appears to introduce a new schema error when opening some files that previously contained Ideate Software and/or other 3rd party add-in data, which are stored as Schemas.

The error condition may look like this:

Revit Error Message - Schema Conflict

Picking “Continue loading the file” option does not appear to impact the functionality of either Ideate Explorer or Ideate Sticky. 

We are currently investigating this problem and will update here when we learn more. So far, what we know is that the 2024.1 update release notes do mention changes to the API that relate to Schemas.

Revit 2024.1 - Schema
We have also noticed that many others are starting to experience the same problem, independent of Ideate Software. We are hopeful that Autodesk will quickly identify the problem and provide a solution. 

We strongly recommend that you hold off on updating Revit 2024 to the 2024.1 update until we learn more. You can add your voice to this discussion by either liking Glynnis Patterson’s comment or by adding a reply to this existing Autodesk Revit Forum topic. This action will help Ideate Software and Autodesk better understand the scale of this problem. Thank you for your support. 

Revit 2024.1 - Schema