The Ideate Software team is pleased to announce the release of Ideate Sticky for Revit versions 2017-2020.

The biggest update to this release is a performance improvement we made for those who use named regions within their Excel files. We’ve modified how we read the print region data in such files for a significantly faster open and update process. The improvement can be up to 9x faster, so if you are using these kinds of Excel files, be sure to update to this release.

Quote from Mead & Hunt


  1. Take three minutes to learn about improvements to both the May 2019 and November 2018 releases – What’s New in Ideate Sticky
  2. If you are using Revit 2016, make sure you have the latest version of Ideate Sticky for 2016 installed. We are no longer developing improvements for version 2016.
  3. Need access? DOWNLOAD 2017-2020
    • Standalone subscription customers – The 2020 version will just work. No action required.
    • Network subscription customers – If your network license file was issued after 14 Feb 2019, the 2020 licensing will just work. If not, you should contact [email protected] when you are ready to migrate to Revit 2020.