Nothing beats positive comments from a customer to prove the claims of a company. We recently released a video with positive comments from five customers.

Have you been curious about why your peers choose Ideate Software tools and how they use those tools to create a competitive advantage? Take just a few minutes to watch this video.

Here is a sampling of the quotes you’ll find in the video that demonstrate the breadth of the participants’ comments:

  • Galen Hoeflinger, Associate - Corporate BIM Technologist at SmithGroup, said, “We deploy all the Ideate tools to all 1,300 of our staff, reasons being that it’s a very clear tool: it works very well …it’s easy for staff to get into and use them very quickly.”
  • Dan Tartaglia, Senior Associate - BIM Platform Leader, NBBJ Digital, said, “It’s a learning tool, because it helps our newer users actually know how to use Revit in a better way.”
  • Brian Mackey, BIM/Revit Consultant, BD Mackey Consulting, said,“The tools I really like are Ideate Explorer, StyleManager and the Ideate SmartDelete tool.”
  • Mark Schmieding, Director - Practice Technology Lead said, “I can quantify the benefit … ‘This task used to take me 40 minutes, and now it takes me 5.’”
  • Robert Bell, Digital Practice Specialist at Stantec, said, “[Ideate BIMLink] really improved our documentation and made it easier from a QC perspective, because we knew we could count on what was in the model.”

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