BIMThoughts is a podcast about BIM technologies and techniques. In a recent episode, hosts Bill Debevc, Autodesk software expert, and Carla Edwards, BIM implementation specialist, discussed the latest improvements to Ideate Explorer. In addition, they gave a quick review and summary of other Ideate Software solutions they use on a daily basis.


Regular users of Ideate Software Revit applications, Bill and Carla provided overviews of each tool, discussed their favorite features, gave real-world examples of how they use the tools, and brainstormed about innovative ways to use the tools to streamline workflows, enhance model accuracy, and empower users. They specifically delved into two newer features included with Ideate Explorer:

  • Ideate Warnings Manager - Ranks Revit Warnings based on importance, notifies users when a “High” ranked warning appears in the model, and enables users to easily fix problems using tools in Revit while the Warnings Manager dialog box is open
  • Ideate Query - Enables users to search on any parameter value and quickly find and filter elements

Here are some quotes from the podcast:

  • “We really do love their software and we know you will too.”
  • “[Ideate Explorer] is great way to get some insight into what’s going on in a Revit file.”
  • “Ideate has some great tutorials and demonstrations on workflows.” 

Here’s a link to the recorded podcast

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