Spotlight on Engineering PLUS

Engineering PLUS is an industry leader in IT infrastructure, audio-visual solutions, physical security solutions, data center assessments and smart building solutions. It was established in 1996 to fill an industry need for extremely detailed drawings that gave contractors the information they needed to understand the plans and build with few questions. 

Today, the professionals at Engineering PLUS work with large and small companies around the world, assessing their needs, recommending cutting-edge technology solutions, and delivering smart, cost-effective infrastructure designs to easily integrate and grow with the business.


“Before joining Engineering PLUS, I had used Ideate Software tools at previous employers and had personally met with their Director of Software Development at Autodesk University to learn about new features,” said Miguel Granja, BIM Manager, Engineering PLUS. 

He continued, “When I interviewed with Engineering PLUS and discussed their reputation for delivering outstanding innovative technology design solutions, I suggested that they look into Ideate Software, whether they hired me or not. It’s a year later, and I’m here and we use Ideate Software tools on a daily basis.”

Reducing Editing Time from Hours to Minutes with Ideate BIMLink

Within Miguel’s first month at Engineering PLUS, the company had the opportunity to experience the power of Ideate BIMLink on a transportation project where the client needed them to change a few instance parameters on a large number of families.

“Performed manually, this task would have taken a long time and opened the door to errors,” said Miguel. “With Ideate BIMLink, the time spent editing reduced from hours to less than 10 minutes, and we were confident that all the data on the changed parameters was correct. Our staff was happy because they delivered high-quality work quickly without having to perform tedious tasks.”

Simplifying Daily Tasks  

When talking about how Ideate Software tools for Revit have saved them time while enhancing their designs, Ramiro Bautista, CAD Designer, and Kayla Holden, Senior Associate, shared several ways they use the plugins:

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Engineering PLUS uses Ideate Software plugins for Revit to reduce editing time and simplify daily tasks. They use Ideate BIMLink, Ideate Sticky and two tools in the IdeateApps collection, Ideate SheetManager and Ideate ReNumber.