Read-Only Properties

Ideate BIMLink treats some Revit properties as read-only.  If you attempt to change these values, you will get an warning message on Import.  For more information, see Import Issues.

Read-only properties are displayed as disabled (gray) in the Link Preview of the Link Properties dialog, Link Properties dialog, and Import dialog.  Properties may also display with a cross-hatch pattern, indicating that the property is not applicable.  An example of an inapplicable property would be the Sheet: Name property for a View when the view has not yet been placed on a Sheet. 

The following types of Revit properties are considered read-only by Ideate BIMLink:

Type Properties in an Instance Link
Type properties included in a instance are considered read-only. Typically this condition is seen within an Instance link.  You can easily convert an Instance link into a Type link by using the Convert Link function.  Related Topic: Instance vs. Type Links

Properties from Related Categories
Any property from a related category is considered read-only.

Element ID’s
Any property whose value is an element id is considered read-only.

Revit Calculated Values
Some properties are derived values calculated by Revit, and are made read-only by Revit.

Schedule Key Values
Within an instance-based link, any instance property defined by a key schedule is considered read-only.  These values can only be edited with a link based on the associated key schedule.  For more information, see Key Schedules

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