Editing Instance vs. Type Links with Ideate BIMLink

All Revit parameter data is defined as either Instance or Type.  While Revit Schedules can be used to edit the values from both instance and type parameters, Ideate BIMLink requires that these parameters be edited separately.  The choice to define a link as either an instance or a type is the last step of creating a new link for either the By Category or By Schedule methods.

Choose instance or type data for Ideate BIMLink
On the right-hand side of the New Link dialog is the option to define the Link Type as either Instance or Type as shown in the image above. Learn how to convert an existing link from a Type link to an Instance link within the Convert Link section.

Example: Wall Instance Link

In this example of a Wall instance link, the Base Offset, Top Offset, and Mark are instance properties that can be exported to Excel, edited, and then imported back into Revit.

The Wall type properties Type Name and Fire Rating are read-only because this linked is based on a instance category.  For more information, see Link Properties.

Example a Wall Instance Links

Example:  Wall Type Link

In this example of a Wall Type link, we are able to edit the Type Name, Function, Fire Rating and the Assembly Code because they are all type based properties.  NOTE:  the Family Name is editable for non-system families such as Speciality Equipment.

Example of Revit Wall Type Link

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