Integrate Revit Coordinate Properties with Ideate BIMLink

Many Revit Instance links will have additional coordinate properties.  Learn how Ideate BIMLink integrates with Point, Line and Box coordinate properties.


To display coordinate properties for a link:
From main dialog click Properties► Properties tab►Select available properties from:►Coordinates

The values returned for the coordinate properties respect the current Shared Project Location.

Link Revit Properties

Types of Coordinate Properties

There are four types of coordinate properties:

Point coordinates represents a single location point for an element – the meaning depends on the kind of Revit element:

Types of Revit Coordinate Properties

Line1, Line2
Line1 and Line2 represent the two end-points of the line associated with a particular family instance. Line coordinates apply to line-based families only:  Ducts, Walls, Curtain Walls, Pipes, Railings, Fascia, Gutters, Structural Framing, Trusses.

LineXY Angle
The angle as defined by the the XY points of Line 1 and Line 2. This property is particularly useful as it relates to Grid management.

Box_Upperleft, Box_Lowerright
These coordinates represent the lower-left and upper-right corners of the three-dimensional rectangular bounding-box that contains the element. Bounding-box coordinates apply to: Floors, Ceilings, Roofs, Structural Foundations, Rooms, Spaces and all elements in Multi-Category links.

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