Visibility into Import Issues of Excel Values into Revit with Ideate BIMLink

Using Ideate BIMLink, the Import Issues list, found at the bottom of the Import dialog, lists any issues related to importing Excel values into the Revit element properties. 

There are three kinds of import issues:

  1.  Error:  Excel values will NOT be imported.  These issues should be addressed and understood before accepting the import preview. Additionally, “Element locked by worksharing” errors are highlighted in pink in the “Import Preview” window.  See also Error Issues.
  2.   Warning:  Excel values will NOT be imported for normal and expected reasons.  See also Warning Issues.
  3.   Message:  Excel values will successfully update Revit element properties.  See also Message Issues.

Import Issues when Importing Revit into Excel

Show Messages
This checkbox toggles the display of non-critical message issues

Save Issues
Saves a copy of the Import Issues to an Excel spreadsheet.

NOTE:  refer to Bidirectional_Parameters for related information

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