Warning Issues

Warnings Issues display in the Import Issues when Excel values will not be imported for normal and expected reasons.

Empty sheet number not allowed
The sheet number parameter must be unique, and therefore cannot be empty.

Linked File Instance not found
The import list includes elements that are identified as belonging to a Revit linked file that is no longer defined in the active project.  

Resulting value in Revit not identical to imported value
This error relates to conditions where one property change is influencing another property.  A typical example of this condition exists when a schedule key value assignment is changed via Ideate BIMLink, but the Excel spreadsheet was not changed to also indicate any resultant values that are driven by the key value in question.  Example, changing the Room Style Key assignment, but not changing the "Floor Finish" property in Excel.  Revit will make the Key assignment which in turn might change the value of the Floor Finish even though the Excel file does not indicate this type of change.  

Resulting value was trimmed by Revit
Revit will trim any trailing carriage returns or spaces found at the end of a text string.  This warning identifies the fact there is a small difference between the Excel value, which has a carriage return or a space at the end of the text, and Revit, which will remove the extra space.

Revit element usually filtered out by link
The elements noted will not be changed as they have been excluded from the current Link Definition, either by the Categories selected, or by the Property or Phase Filters. For more information, see Link Properties.

Sheet number is already in use.

Ideate BIMLink will be unable to change a sheet number if that sheet number is already in use in the project. All sheets in Revit must have a unique number. If the intent is to 're-assign' existing sheet numbers(s) to different sheet(s), the workaround is a two step process: First renumber all sheets in one pass (e.g. add the letter 'a' to the sheet number of ALL sheets), then import the desired final sheet naming list.

This should avoid the presence of duplicate sheet numbers in the project at the moment of link import.

NOTE:Importing duplicate view names will result in 'Error writing property on duplicate view names', which is also caused by a Revit requirement that a view name must be unique.

Unable to change value - Element is from a linked file.
Linked file data can be exported from the parent file, but can only be imported into the child file (where the elements exist).  For more information on this, refer to Work with Revit Linked Files.

Unable to change value - Element was Type Swapped
When an element it Type Swapped by Ideate BIMLink it can get into a state where the previously defined property is no longer applicable.  This error reflects that condition.  An example would be in swapping one mechanical equipment for another.  If the link definition includes a custom (family) parameter that does not apply to the newly swapped element then that parameter cannot be changed.  The old excel value becomes invalid during the import process of swapping the elements.  Learn more about How to Utilize Type Swapping.

Unable to change value - Revit property is read-only
An attempt was made to change the value of a property considered read-only by Ideate BIMLink.  For a detailed explanation of read-only properties, see Read-Only Properties.

Unable to change value - Revit property not available
This warning is an indication that the property does not exist for the family specified. For example, if a Shared Parameter is assigned to some Electrical Fixture families, but not to all, and the cell is edited for a family where the parameter does not exist, this warning will occur.  This warning might also occur with Type Swapping if values family-based properties describe above are changed.

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