License Modes

Your Ideate Software for Revit license operates in one of the three possible modes: 

  1. Trial
  2. Demo
  3. Authorized


Trial mode indicates a standalone license that has not yet been activated with a license code. After the Trial period expires, the license reverts to Demo mode. Ideate Software Trial mode includes full access to all functions during the Trial period with the exceptions as noted below.

Ideate BIMLink Trial Behavior

Ideate BIMLink will limit the amount of data during the export to Excel process to 25 rows.


The following conditions would cause Ideate Software to go into a Demo mode:

For help with any of the above, please contact

Demo mode indicates that the Trial or Authorized mode has expired, or that an issue prevents your license from being validated. For standalone licenses, the Demo mode occurs automatically after the Trial period has lapsed or if the license has been deactivated.  Refer to License Transferring for information on how to deactivate your license.

For network licenses, the Demo mode will occur if there are no licenses available to be checked out from the license server or there is an issue connecting with the license server.


Authorized mode indicates your software license is valid and authorized for the current computer and user. For standalone licenses, this occurs if a valid license code was activated. For network licenses, this occurs if a valid license has been checked out from the license server.

License Mode Display

If running in Trial or Demo mode, it will display in the title bar of the main dialog.
The license mode is also displayed in the Current Status of the Software License Dialog

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