What's New in Ideate Sticky for Revit

Ideate Sticky imports and synchronizes your Excel file content into the Revit project environment. To ensure consistent graphic results, all Ideate Sticky end-users should be updated at the same time. You can always check to see if you have the latest version by using the Help menu option called "Check for Updates".

See below for recent improvements we've made to Ideate Sticky.

April 2017 Update

The April 2017 release of Ideate Sticky contains a few bug fixes and a significant performance improvement for certain conditions as noted below.


Ideate Sticky has been re-engineered to improve the file open and Ideate Sticky launch functions when more than one Sticky is referencing the same Excel file. In some cases the performance tested 8x faster than the previous version of Ideate Sticky.

Bug Fixes

April 2016 Update

With the April 2016 release, Ideate Sticky 2017 has been re-engineered to maintain visual fidelity between Stickies across the pre-2017 and 2017 Revit versions. 

Changes to Text in Revit 2017

What this means for Ideate Stickies migrated to 2017

Our goal for Ideate Sticky is to ensure, to the degree possible, that this text size change does not impact Ideate Sticky. If you are migrating an existing Revit project to 2017 you may see many existing Revit text elements, including Stickies, become longer, depending upon the font used. To restore your pre-existing Stickies to their original size and word-wrap conditions, we recommend using the “Update” function Read: Update the Sticky in Revit Projects with Ideate Sticky after you complete your project migration. Ideate Sticky is optimized to work well with these fonts:  Arial, Arial Narrow, Calibri, Times New Roman and ISCOPEUR. Stickies that are newly created within 2017 will closely match the size and word wrap found within the pre-2017 versions of Ideate Sticky when these fonts are used.

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