What's New in Ideate Sticky for Revit

Ideate Sticky imports and synchronizes your Excel, Word and PDF file content into the Revit project environment. To ensure consistent graphic results, all Ideate Sticky end-users should be updated at the same time. See below for a summary of the new features, or check out our YouTube What's New in Ideate Software playlist.

May 2021 Release

General Improvements

In the May 2021 release of Ideate Sticky, there are three important general improvements. The first general improvement is support for these languages: Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese and Spanish. Your teams across the globe can now enjoy increased productivity through the use of Ideate Software tools in their native languages.  

The second improvement relates to our cloud network licensing, which now also works in VDI and other remote access environments. This change allows your teams to work remotely without the overhead of a network license server. We also developed double redundancy methods for our cloud network solution to ensure continuous access in the event of a failure.

And lastly, all Ideate Software solutions have been updated to better support the new file path locations required by the change from BIM 360 to the Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC)

Ease of Use

Our best improvements come from our customers and beta testers. In this release we have incorporated several great suggestions including the ability to open the source document from within Sticky as shown below.

You can also now multi-select all Stickies and update the file path type (relative or absolute) as well as the auto-update option, both of which will simplify the effort to batch-edit Stickies.

Sticky Image Improvements

Both Word, PDF, and Excel documents can be created in Revit via Ideate Sticky since May 2020. In this release we have added new options for the image quality of these documents per your input. You can now make your Stickies transparent or choose to set the color option to black or grayscale. Using the transparency option allows for greater layout control and improved sheet formatting choices.

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Autodesk Construction Cloud aka ACC/BIM 360 Support

In this release we have updated, to the best of our ability (given that there is still no API for the Desktop Connector yet) our error handling for Sticky source files that are accessed via the Autodesk Desktop Connector. In March of 2021, Autodesk re-branded the existing BIM 360 product to Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC). This change impacts the local file pathing for Stickies that are saved on BIM360.

We have updated Ideate Sticky to support either path so that you can transition on your timetable to the newer ‘flavor’ of cloud worksharing.

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