What's New in Ideate Sticky for Revit

Ideate Sticky imports and synchronizes your Excel, Word and PDF file content into the Revit project environment. To ensure consistent graphic results, all Ideate Sticky end-users should be updated at the same time. You can always check to see if you have the latest version by using the Help menu option called "Check for Updates".

See below for the most recent improvements to Ideate Sticky.

May 2020 Update

Word and PDF Support

Both Word and PDF files can now be created as Stickies. These Stickies exist as image elements within the Revit project and can be placed on Sheets, Legends, Drafting Views, and plan-based Detail Views. This functionality works in 2018-2021 and exceeds the Revit linked PDF support with these additional features:

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Enhanced Excel Support — Black & White Option

Use the updated sample file called "ISB-Panel" and try both worksheets to see how this Excel setting controls the output of two identical spreadsheets. Refer the Excel>Page Setup to turn this functionality on and off. Excel files can now be created as either schedule or images.

Black and white Excel option for Ideate Sticky

General Improvements

"Update From" now allows for mass-editing of Sticky properties. Select one or more Stickies from the Schedules or Images tab to change the file, folder or other Sticky properties. Additionally, detailed information is now provided for each Sticky, including the sheet or view locations for each.

BIM 360 Support

In this release we have updated, to the best of our ability (given that there is no API for the Desktop Connector yet) our error handling for Sticky source files that are accessed via the Desktop Connector. There are now two new status fields for BIM 360 files: BIM 360 Disk and BIM 360 Error. Learn more about these states here.

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