Standalone License Activation

The topic below pertains to all Ideate Software solutions except the pre-2017 versions of Ideate Explorer, Ideate BIMLink and Ideate Sticky. For information on activating those older products, please refer to this page.

To activate your Ideate Software product, begin by accessing the Manage Software License dialog.

NOTE: When you first open Ideate Software, you may get a warning dialog if your trial license is about to expire. If so, choose the Manage Software License option.

In the Manage Software License dialog, click the Activate… button next to the License Type — Standalone option. On the License Activation screen, enter your license code. If you do not have a license code see Obtaining a License. If you are having trouble with this part of the activation, your firewall may be preventing access to our licensing portal. If so, you should choose the option to use the Offline Activation.

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Ideate Software for Revit License Activation dialog


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