License Types


The Ideate Software for Revit software license is locked to one user account on a single computer and activated with a license code (see also Standalone Licensing).

Standalone : Activate…
Click to launch the standalone licensing component so you can activate your trial or expired license.
(See also Standalone License Activation)

Standalone : Return…
Click to launch the standalone licensing component so you can return (deactivate) your activated license.  You may then transfer the license to another computer.
(See also Standalone License Transferring)

Note for system admins: A standalone license on a computer is locked to the Windows account that is used to activate it. When deploying standalone licenses to end user systems, DO NOT activate the software under your system admin account. Use the end user’s own account, or let the end user complete the activation process. Due to this limitation, sharing a standalone license between Windows user accounts on a single computer is not supported. Activation and use of software via remote access (including RDP) is not allowed either and will result in the ‘Virtualized environment detected’ error (see more here). Consider upgrading to a network license which does not have this limitation.


Software license is checked out from a network license server (also see Network Licensing).

Network : License Server
If using network licenses, enter the path to your network license server.  Ask you network license administrator for the name of your license server.  The usual format entered is @MyServerName.
(See also Network Licensing)

Network : Borrow License
After a connection to the network license is established, the Borrow License button will be enabled.
(See also Network Licensing)

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