License Status

View your Ideate Software for Revit License Status


The name and version of the licensed Ideate Software application.


The version and build of the Ideate Software licensing components.


Usage type



Expiration date

The date, if any, when the current software license will expire and switch to View-Only mode. None if license is permanent. (See also Behavior)


Computer ID (standalone licenses only)

The unique ID from your computer ID used to activate a standalone license.

License server name (network licenses only)

The curent license server used to check-out the current license using the License server path.
If there is no connection to a license server, < not connected > is displayed. (See also Network Licensing)

License server path (network licenses only)

The search path used to locate the network license server. The path is entered in License server field on this dialog.
(See also Network Licensing)


A detailed status message describing any software licensing issues.

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