Family and Nested Parameters

Ideate StyleManager can be used to analyze and delete parameters found within custom Revit family files (RFA). When used within this environment, Ideate StyleManager will display two parameter options:

Learn more about these two options below.

Family Parameters

The Family Parameters tool is only available when the active Revit document is a family file (RFA). 

Found in File

The list of family parameters displayed under “Found in File” includes all of the parameters displayed within the Revit Family Types dialog as shown below. All built-in Revit parameters such as Type Image, Manufacture, etc. will be hidden by default as they cannot be deleted by Ideate StyleManager, though their values can be set via Ideate BIMLink.

Ideate StyleManager can be used to Analyze each family parameter to assess its usage.

For a family parameter to be considered “Used” by Ideate StyleManager it must meet one of these conditions:

Filter Options

Family Parameters have additional filter options to help isolate Instance versus Type parameters. Instance parameters can be used with dimensions to allow the Revit ‘shape handles’ within a Revit project (RVT) file. Type parameters are the preferred choice to allow for greater standardization. The Type drop-down is available for Family Parameters and is used to filter on Shared versus non-Shared as shown below. Revit schedules and tags require that parameters be defined as shared.


Analyze and Delete functionality for Family Parameters is simliar to all the other tools within Ideate StyleManager. The Merge option is not yet supported for Family Parameters.

Nested Parameters

The Nested Parameters tool is only available when the active Revit document is a family file (RFA). This tool supports analyzing the shared parameters found within any family which is loaded within the parent (active) family file. In many cases this area will have no results. To learn more about the functionality of this RFA feature review Parameters , which covers the very similar topic, but for RVT files. 

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