Known Issues in Ideate StyleManager

This topic includes up-to-date information about any known issues related to Ideate StyleManager.



See Performance Tips for suggestions on how to reduce the processing time for certain methods.

Edit Button

The ‘Edit’ button sometimes displays the Properties palette instead of opening the Edit Type dialog. This applies to tools that use the Properties palette to display type information including: Scope Box, Dimensions, Text, etc. The current workaround is to first select something in the current (non-schedule) view and then pick the Edit button again.

Object Styles

Unable to delete root (parent) linked CAD Imports
The ‘Delete’ button is currently enabled for deleting the root (listed in bold) of the linked CAD import style. When picked, a warning will appear, but even after selecting ‘Yes’ the style will NOT be deleted by Style Manager. See this topic for more info about how to clean up Imported Object Styles.

CAD Import Naming
CAD Imports created by copy/paste from a Project into a Family file are listed as “filename.dwg” object style rather than the newer “Import in Families: A-DETL” syntax. These families unfortunately cannot be detected by Ideate StyleManager when reviewed from within the project but can be discovered when viewed within the family editor. — Fixed in May 2020 release.

When using Ideate Style Manager within an RFA file, lines used as sketch lines for filled region or masking region boundaries are not currently detected as valid usage, returning 0 results. — Fixed in May 2020 release.

Line Styles

Sketch Lines

Sketch lines of filled regions will display in the Usage pane only if they are custom line styles. If they are built-in styles they cannot be determined and will not be displayed in the results. See section about ‘reserved’ Line Styles

Sketch Lines for filled and masked regions can be merged into other line styles but due to a Revit limitation the graphics may not refresh until the region is edited or moved. — Fixed in May 2020 release.

Linework Tool

Schedule Cell Borders

If the border of cells that are part of the schedule header (not the title) are overridden with another line style, the process of Analyzing that line style will cause the cell border to revert to Thin Lines. This is an API bug that has been filed with Autodesk. The workaround is to not override these cell borders. The borders that are part of the title (or above) are not impacted by this issue.

Built-in Line Styles Within the Revision Schedule of a Title Block Family

Built-in line styles within the revision schedule of a title block family are not displayed in usage results in a Revit model. Custom line styles correctly display the usage, but they must be managed from within the family editor. — Fixed in May 2020 release


Line Style usage within a group cannot be merged due to Revit API limitations.

Line Patterns

Graphics Overrides for Duct and Piping System Families

Duct and Piping System types allow for an override in Line graphics. This override is currently not reported when running Analyze, more over it is also being reset to default by running the Analyze command. — Fixed in May 2020 release

Fill Patterns

Some files will display multiple versions of the same fill pattern. While it is not possible to create a duplicately-named fill pattern using the Revit user interface, it is possible via the API. In these cases, we recommend that you use the merge or delete functions to fix these conditions. On occasion we have seen a duplicate of the built-in fill pattern called <Solid fill>. We do not know the source of this condition but we have enabled the merge and delete buttons for these duplicates even though the delete function is typically not available for a built-in style. These special weird duplicates are flagged by Ideate StyleManager with an asterisk as shown. We recommend that you use the delete function on any “<Solid fill>[Name]*”.  This will remove the duplicate and force any referenced element to revert to the true built-in <Solid fill> pattern.

Note on the screenshot, the ‘correct’ built-in pattern has “-” usage and no “*” after the name.

Purging duplicate fill patterns



Material usage within a group is not yet supported for merge.

Split Regions — Fixed in May 2020 Release

Merging a material applied to a split region (in example in a wall or other system family) will cause the following:

Global Parameters — Fixed in May 2020 Release

Wall Join Error during Merge

For some joined wall conditions, the merge process cannot complete and will trigger a Revit error. We recommend that you use the Cancel option within the Revit warning. The results will show that the usage was not replaced. To resolve this error, select the wall/floor/ceiling type from the Usage pane, and use the Edit Type button to manually swap the material.

Material Appearance Assets

There are no known issues related to material appearance assets. Let us know if you have a support issue related to material appearance assets.

View Templates

There are no known issues related to view templates. Let us know if you have a support issue related to view templates.


Selection type filter returns an when ‘Edit Overrides’ is picked in StyleManager. As a workaround, please open ‘Visibility Graphics/VG’ directly in Revit to edit the overrides.

Scope Boxes

Merging scope boxes may result in (logical) Revit errors. Be careful when merging scope boxes that do not overlap. Let us know if you have other support issues related to scope boxes.

Scope box usage within a group is not yet supported for Merge.


‘Font Not Found’ warning when the casing of the font name does not match the name in Windows: In certain scenarios the font names stored in Revit can have different casing than the fonts in Windows. (example: "romand" vs "RomanD") The fonts render correctly in Revit, but the “Text Font” type parameter will be blank. This condition could be caused by the project being started in a very old version of Revit, as newer releases force the correct casing to be used. To resolve, edit the Text Type and assign an available font.


Merging a dimension style that uses a ‘Continuous’ Dimension String Type into a style that uses a ‘Baseline’ Dimension String Type is currently not supported. The user will see a Revit Warning dialog and the action will be rolled back with no changes made to the model. Merging a Baseline into a Continuous string type Dimension style is supported.

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