FAQ for Ideate StyleManager

Common questions asked by new and existing customers.

Will Ideate StyleManager help me delete these Imported Category Styles?

Yes, Ideate StyleManager will help with the problem of imported object styles in two ways:

a) by identifying the source of the problem, which might be that the style comes from a family. Even if the style is part of one or more families, Ideate StyleManager will be able to assist in deletion.

b) by allowing the deletion of poorly managed orphaned styles. This can happen with content that was developed in earlier versions of Revit and carried forward. This can also happen with content that is created within one language version of Revit and then utilized within another language version.

Will Ideate Style Manager help me with Dimensions and Text Styles?

Ideate StyleManager does not review Dimension or Text styles. Our Ideate Explorer solution allows you to review all the Dimensions or Text placed within a Revit project. Ideate Explorer will display and organize the elements by Category, Family, and Type; and then you can easily select elements of one type and swap with a different type that would match your standards. This also allows you to merge multiple text styles into one standard style. You can also search for almost any property on either text or dimensions, such as a dimension that has been overridden or text that has a specific font. Please watch this video to review Auditing Tip #7 which highlights auditing your project for non-standard dimensions and text styles.

What does “Usage” indicate?

One of the primary functions of Ideate StyleManager is to analyze styles to help you assess whether it is in use and if so, where it is in use. Usage is indicated in two places as shown below. At the left the number in front of each style is an indication of the relative usage of the style. If a “0” is shown, it means that the style is not referenced anywhere in the project (or template or family file) and therefore that the deletion of that style will not impact the project.* The right-hand side of the dialog displays detailed information about how the style selected is being used.

*The one exception is that we do allow CAD Imports (not links) to be deleted. There will be an extra warning when this happens.

Does Ideate StyleManager fix only styles found within the project?

Ideate StyleManager works in the project file (.RVT) as well as within project and family templates (.RTE) and family files (.RFA). Additionally, when you work within a project file, Ideate StyleManager will batch-edit any loaded families that also reference the selected object style, line pattern, fill pattern, material or material appearance asset.

I use Ideate Explorer to audit my project, how is Ideate StyleManager different?

Ideate Explorer displays information about elements that can be selected within the Revit display area such as walls, equipment, sheets or views. Ideate StyleManager manages the definitions for the graphic and visibility controls of those elements such as line patterns, materials, filters or object styles. Ideate Explorer is intended for use by every Revit user, while Ideate StyleManager is intended for BIM Managers, Content Managers, and other Revit users that are responsible for ensuring project health.

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