Mapping Excel Line Styles

Ideate Sticky supports mapping Excel line style settings to Revit line styles. The first time a Sticky is created within a project the line style settings will use the Default Line Style Mapping which is designed to minimize the need for custom Revit line styles while emulating the Excel line style settings. For the closest equivalent Excel line style mapping, refer to Mapping to Excel Line Styles below.

NOTE: Stickies that were created with the original release of Ideate Sticky (January 2015) will retain their original line style settings until changed otherwise: all borders lines are set to "Ideate Sticky Borders" and any grid lines are set to "Ideate Sticky Gridlines".

Manage Line Style Settings

To change the line style settings for all Stickies use the Settings button from within the main Ideate Sticky dialog as shown. The changes will be applied to all Stickies within the project. To maintain consistency, it is recommend that the line style settings be saved within Revit template files.

TIP: The first line style shown in the Line Style Setting dialog represents the default border used in Excel. This Excel line style most closely aligns the default Revit line style called "Thin Lines". To change the line weight of that default Excel border, either modify the assigned Line Style (Thin Lines by default) OR assign a different Revit line style. The "Thick" border line style in Excel is the last line shown before the Gridline.

Manage line styles in Ideate Sticky for Revit

Default Line Style Mapping

The default line style mapping only uses out of the box Revit line styles with the exception of the Excel grid lines, which use a custom line style called "Ideate Sticky Gridlines" because there is no out of the box 'gray' line style.

Mapping to Excel Line Styles

Excel allows for (14) unique line styles.  This chart shows Revit line styles that are the closest equivalent to the Excel styles.  When a line styles contains the name "Ideate Sticky" it is an indication that the line style does not exist as a default line style within Revit.  You can download and open a file called "2014 Line Style Map.rvt" and use the Transfer Project standards process to import only these new line styles into your active Revit project, if you so desire.

Mapping to Excel line styles in Ideate Sticky for Revit

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