Ideate Sticky for Revit Frequently Asked Questions

Ideate Sticky for Revit FAQ


What is a Sticky?

A Sticky is a Revit Schedule header element.  The benefit of using the schedule header is that, unlike Lines and Text elements, it is extremely lightweight and will not slow down your Revit file performance.

Does Sticky read Excel Files from One Drive?

A better question is: If I create a Sticky from my One Drive, can my team read that file when they use Sticky? The answer is no. One Drive, unlike Dropbox or other cloud storage solutions, requires a relative [username] path and therefore it is not a great option for teams using Sticky. Ideate Sticky will work with a network path (on your company domain), Dropbox (must use the same path to storage folders, e.g. C:/Dropbox), or BIM360.

When does Ideate Sticky pull a network license?

Ideate Sticky needs to run in the background in order to manage the auto-update functionality.  Therefore, Ideate Sticky pulls a network license during a Revit session whenever a file is opened that contains a Sticky that has been set to Auto-update.  The license remains held until there are no open projects that contain any auto-update Stickies.  If the auto-update feature is not being used, then the license is held only while the Ideate Sticky dialog is open.

What happens to my Sticky if I do not have Ideate Sticky installed or a license is unavailable?

The Sticky is represented within the Revit project as a schedule header and will remain in the project, unchanged until it is deleted from the Project Browser or is updated via Ideate Sticky.  If Ideate Sticky is not present, because it is not installed or because a license cannot be obtained from the network, the Sticky will remain unchanged. In this situation, where the auto-update cannot run, a warning will display during the file open process and the Sticky Properties will reflect this condition.

Does Ideate Sticky also work with Microsoft Word?

We wish the answer was yes, but it does not.  Ideate Sticky can only import Excel file formats because we are leveraging the Revit Schedule header object, which is somewhat Excel-like. Refer to related issue: Formatting Issues

How do I change the column widths?

While the Sticky can be edited within Revit, for ease of use and in particular for column and row sizing tasks, we recommend editing the native Excel file. Learn more about how to edit the size of a Sticky Read: Manage the Size of a Sticky with Ideate Sticky for Revit.

How can I control the font and font size?

We strive for the highest level of visual fidelity between your Excel file and the resultant Sticky.  The font and font size are controlled by the choices made within the Excel file.  This gives the ability to use multiple fonts and font sizes.  Using Arial Narrow, with a 12pt font, for example will return a 1/8" high text within Revit.  Related Topic: Use Font Size Mapping Chart in Ideate Sticky for Revit

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