File Opening Messages

File Opening Messages for Revit Projects from Ideate Sticky occur whenever a Revit project is opened. Ideate Sticky checks to see if there are any Stickies present, and then if so, checks to see if any Stickies marked for auto-update need to be updated. During this file open process you will see the progress and one of two possible results:

Note: The result message will disappear in 4 seconds, or on any mouse action (pick, move).



All Excel files can be found and have been updated where auto-update has been checked. The Status field for all Stickies will indicate "Current".

File Opening Messages for Revit Projects from Ideate Sticky


At least one Sticky cannot be updated due to one or more of these reasons:

File Opening Warning for Revit Projects from Ideate Sticky

To address a warning, open Ideate Sticky and review the Sticky File Property Fields with Ideate Sticky for Revit.

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