Publish Revit Project Start Up Views with Ideate Sticky

Use Ideate Sticky to quickly publish project-specific or corporate-wide information from Excel into one or all Revit projects as part of a Project Startup View.

Create a Sheet as a "Project Startup View"

To create a Sheet as the Project Startup View:

  1. Use Revit to create a new Sheet and select "None" for the Titleblock.
  2. Create an Excel file that contains project-specific start-up content or use the sample file called "ISB-Revit_Starting_View.xlsx".
  3. Use the file identified above, create a new Sticky. This Sticky should be created from the same Excel file for each Revit file that is part of the same project. If the Sticky is set to Auto-update within each Revit project, new Project-specific information can be easily pushed by making changes to this Excel file.
  4. Next, create an Excel file that contains corporate-wide Revit tips or relevant announcements. You can use the sample file called "ISB-Revit_Tips.xlsx" as a starting point. See image below showing the out-of-the-box sample files for the Project Starting View and the Tips.
    Create a Sheet as a "Project Startup View" in Ideate Sticky for Revit
  5. Lastly, the Project Startup Sheet should not be part of the Sheet Index. With the Sheet Active, use the Properties palette to uncheck the "Appears in Sheet List" checkbox as shown.
    Appears in Sheet List" checkbox in Ideate Sticky for Revit

Setting the Sheet as the Start-Up View

Lastly you will want to setup this new sheet as your Start-Up View within Revit. Refer to this blog post that covers this Revit process: Setting a View as the Default When Opening a Revit Project.

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