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Connect and Format Non-BIM Data for Autodesk Revit Modeling — Your Complete Resource to Master Ideate Sticky

Ideate Sticky for Revit embeds existing Excel documents into Revit by rendering spreadsheets as a native Revit schedules – the ease and flexibility of Excel spreadsheet editing married with the power and integration of Revit schedules. Ideate Sticky for Revit Connects and Formats non-BIM Data.

Getting Started

Take the first steps and understand the basics

Using Ideate Sticky

The how’s and the why’s of making your Excel data look exactly as you want it to

How to…

More advanced use cases and workflows, including Ideate BIMLink integrated workflows or working with images


For when you need that extra bit if help to get you going again

Ideate Sticky overview

Organizing and formatting essential non-BIM data in Revit can be frustrating and time consuming. Let Sticky manage the look and feel of your text and other tabular data. Other schedules do not interfere with table creation or modification, and the tables generated do not accidentally start scheduling things. Enjoy the benefits of Excel formatting inside Revit! What will you Sticky?


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