Install - Setting Up the Workstations


Installing Ideate Software 

The latest versions of all Ideate Software solutions can be found here. Download the executable and launch it directly when installing on a small number of PC’s, or see Ideate Software Installer if you are deploying company-wide. Optional MS packages are available to download on their respective product download pages. (go to ‘Trial’ at the top right of this page to start)

Launching Ideate Software 

Ideate Software installs to the Ideate Software tab within Revit. To access the software, open any project and then select the appropriate tool from the ribbon. Most Ideate software can be launched with any active view, but the view-specific tools will only launch with their intended view types active. The user will be informed by a pop-up if they need to switch to a different view type.

Example: Ideate Clone, whose sole purpose is to clone existing Sheets and Views, will only open when the active view is a Sheet.

Revit Add-ins button for Ideate Software


Switching Between Standalone, Cloud and Network Licensing, Changing the License Server Name

The license type, Serial number, and Server name is controlled separately for each installed Ideate Software product. It is possible to run a mixture of standalone licensed and network licensed products of Ideate Software on the same machine.

To switch the license type on a single PC, go to the ‘manage license’ screen (Click ‘Help’, the select ‘Ideate Software License’), and switch the radio button to the desired license type (see screenshot further below).

To set or change the license server, enter the desired @servername into the applicable box.

Next hit ‘Activate’ to switch over the license type. Standalone or Cloud license will display a dialog to enter the license code, Network license will just activate if the server is ready to provide the licenses.

Setting, Switching or Updating Multiple Users 

Ideate Software Installer is able to set or change the license type during deployment of new software versions without the need for end user interaction.  

If you already have the latest release and all you need to do is change the server information: 

To set or switch the license type on multiple PC’s, first manually configure the license (the above steps) on one of them.

Next locate “license.config” file in:

C>ProgramData>Ideate>Your Software Title

(for versions released before April 2018 it is C>ProgramData>Ideate>Ideate Software 201X>Ideate ‘Your Software’)

Push out this file using standard network admin tools (Group Policy etc.) to the same location on all PC’s that need to be changed. The same file can be used to make the desired changes for all Ideate Software titles of version 2016 and newer by copying it to the appropriate folder.

NOTE:  Switching to network licensing will not deactivate an already activated standalone license. Please review the page about transferring standalone licenses for steps to return your standalone licenses. 

Setting the Server Path

Ideate Software does not use environment variables to control the value of the License Server field. See also Setting Up the Deployment Installation for information about setting the path during deployment.

License borrowing will be available after the network path is validated for the first time.

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