Cloud Solutions Supported by Ideate Software

Cloud solutions for hosting content:

The following products and technologies have been confirmed to work to host source files for Ideate Sticky, as well as settings and configuration files for other Ideate solutions. All of the below require their own user access rights management.

Autodesk Cloud (BIM 360)



DFS (Distributed File System)


Cloud Network Licenses in Virtual Environments:

(Note: FlexLM based licenses are fully supported on all Cloud Infrastructure types listed below)

Remote Desktop (in general most of branded solutions compatible with Microsoft RDP protocol), TeamViewer (& clones) — support depends on the ‘target machine’. Physical machines are fully supported, Virtual PC’s are supported for versions 2019+ 

VDI — Supported for versions 2019+

Citrix — Supported for versions 2019+

VMWare — Supported for versions 2019+

Terminal Server — Supported for versions 2019+

Known issues:

- RESOLVED (June 2022 release for 2020+ versions): Cloud network licenses require the UUID (HDSN) to be turned ON in your environment. Please contact support if you have any questions or if you are seeing any errors. This issue is expected to be resolved in the next release.

- RESOLVED (June 2022 release for 2020+ versions): Cloud network license usage statistics for Virtual Machines are currently not supported. Depending on the software version, only the latest records may be relevant or all records could be overwritten with the last user info, making it appear as if only one user is ever accessing the application. 

FlexLM in the Cloud:

A FlexLM network licensing server can also be set up in the cloud & accessed through VPN. In general all Windows based virtual servers should be compatible. Please make sure the correct ports are open and address any latency issues.

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