Observe Revit Elements with Ideate Explorer’s Detail View

Observe Revit Elements | Ideate Explorer’s Detail View

The Detail view provides a tabular view of the selected Revit elements which can then be exported to a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet file.

Using Detail View

  1. Use the checkboxes within the Results area to select the elements to be reviewed/exported. Read Results Tab to View Revit Element Hierarchies with Ideate Explorer
  2. Right-mouse in Results and select Detail View.

Preview the Export results within the Detail View dialog. Each column can be sorted within the preview by clicking the column header. The Workset and Edited by columns will only appear within a workshared project. Note that for workshared projects the Workset name for all view-specific items, such as keynotes or revisions, is also the name of the Revit view.

Exporting to Excel via Detail View

The data within the Detail View can be exported to Excel by selecting the button at the bottom of the dialog. This is useful for project auditing in part because the elements will be exported in their chronological order, making it easy to see which elements were recently created. Read: Project Auditing for Revit Modeling in Ideate Explorer.

NOTE: The columns that display within the Detail View are hard-wired. For custom properties, consider using Ideate Query in Ideate Explorer for Revit which also supports exporting to Excel.

Observe Revit Elements with Ideate Explorer’s Detail View

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