Results Tab to View Revit Element Hierarchies with Ideate Explorer

Results Tab to View Revit Element Hierarchies with Ideate Explorer

The information found within the Results area of the Navigate or Explore tabs is based on the setting of the Display. Sort by, Filter, and Search. You can use the Results area to modify your existing selection or to Show Elements within a view. This topic explains how to utilize the area within the Results part of the dialog.

Refer to the following topics:

Expand or Contract Hierarchy

Click the plus [+] or minus [-] on any level in the hierarchy to show or hide the building elements lower in the hierarchy.

Expand or Contract Hierarchy

Element Count

The element count is shown in parenthesis next to each sorted level in the hierarchy.  This count represents the total number of building elements beneath that level.

Element Count in Ideate Explorer for Revit

Changing Revit Selection

The checkbox next to a building element determines if it is in the Revit current selection.  Checking or unchecking the selection checkbox adds or removes the building element(s) from the Revit selection.  These elements can then be edited within the Revit Properties palette.

The selection checkbox can be in one of 3 states:

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