How Do I Search by a Parameter Revit Value with Ideate Explorer?

Ideate Explorer can help you find Revit elements based on changing the Display, Sort by, Filter and Search options on the main Ideate Explorer dialog.

You can also find Revit project elements by searching on the Property Value associated with a specific element.

Launch Ideate Query to find an element by the property value.

  1. Let’s use an example to find only specific doors based on their “width” property value.
  2. If more than one category is displayed be sure to only select the category of doors.
  3. Select on the Ideate Query menu button, located to the right of the search field.
  4. Type "width" into the Search box in the Ideate Query Dialog window.  Ideate Query will find all the properties for Width.
  5. Under Type, choose the Width property.
  6. Review the selected values to the right.
  7. By choosing the checkmark under the “Select Values” results window, you place those elements into the Revit selection set.
  8. Choose “Select” in the Query Dialog to review all doors that match a specific width in the Explorer results tree.
  9. Ideate Explorer will switch to “Current Selection” for the Display and you can review each instance of the elements that match the chosen width property.

You can see other examples here. Read: Ideate Query Examples for Revit Workflow with Ideate Explorer.

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