How Do I Delete ALL Identical Instances?

In the most recent update to Ideate Explorer, you can choose to fix ALL Identical Instances by either Retaining Originals or Retaining Latest.

  1. Make sure the Sort By criteria is set to Types.
  2. You can use the search criteria to limit the Identical Instances for review within the Warnings tab, but this is only to be able to review information within the Revit properties palette in order to make the decision to Retain Latest or Retain Originals.
  3. Right click on the top level warning description.
  4. You may choose Retain Originals or Retain Latest.
  5. After selecting your choice, the Ideate Delete will show you ALL elements that have Identical Instance warnings.  
  6. If you don’t want ALL elements deleted based on Retain Originals or Retain Latest, you may cancel. (They are still selected)
  7. You may switch back to the Explore tab and choose the Current Selection for Display.
  8. You can uncheck any elements you don’t want deleted and then use the red “x” within Ideate Explorer to delete.

By default, the Retain Originals or Retain Latest will select ALL elements that contain the Identical Instances warning. In my example, there are 64 Curtain Wall Mullions and 11 Furniture items for a total of 75. Again, these 75 elements will either be original elements or latest elements based on the Revit ID Number.

In the image below, it shows a Cancel on the delete and then switching to the Explore tab with the Display set to Current Selection. This allows the ability to uncheck elements that you may want to retain for whatever reason. The example now shows ONLY Furniture selected. You can see that 22 items will be shown in the Explore tab, but only 11 are deleted based on the option of Retain Original or Retain Latest.

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