How Can I Use Ideate Query for Revit Quality Assurance?

Ideate Query in Ideate Explorer for Revit is a powerful search tool within Ideate Explorer that lets you browse through your selected Revit elements and make a selection based on the parameters' values.  Ideate Query supports quality assurance checks by creating a list of user-defined model, annotative, and/or view elements and then through Ideate Explorer these elements can be viewed one at a time for project compliance.

In this example we will use Ideate Query to perform a quality assurance review of the revision clouds used in the project. This same process can be used for any view, annotative, or model element within the project to assess proper usage.

Select Revision Cloud Elements

  1. Start on the Explore tab with the Display set to “Entire Project” Read: Explore the Annotative Revit Model and Elements with Ideate Explorer tab and the Filter set to “Ideate Audit” Read: Project Auditing for Revit Modeling with Ideate Explorer.
  2. Expand the Revision Cloud tree to see how they are organized per each of the revision sequences within the current project.
  3. Select the Revision Cloud(s) to review.
  4. Next, select the Ideate Query button.

Use Ideate Query for Revit Quality Assurance

Launch Ideate Query

  1. If more than one category is displayed be sure to only select Sheets.
  2. Type "name" into the Search box.  Ideate Query will filter the properties that contain the word "name". Select both the Sheet Name and the View Name, as shown, by using the Ctrl+ select method.
  3. Select the checkbox next to one or more Revision Cloud elements.
  4. Pick the Select button to exit Ideate Query and return to the Ideate Explorer dialog.

Launch Ideate Query with Ideate Explorer for Revit

Review Results

  1. After exiting Ideate Query, Ideate Explorer will automatically have the Display set to "Current Selection" mode as shown.
  2. Double-click on any of the Revision Clouds to open a view where they can be viewed.  Note that in some cases a Revision cloud can be in a view but not visible because the Revision sequence setting is set to "None" for the "Show" field.

TIP: You can use the "None" button at the bottom of Ideate Explorer to temporarily clear the selection.  The Current Selection elements will stay within the Results during any Zoom or View commands.

Review Ideate Query Results with Ideate Explorer for Revit

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