What's New in Ideate Explorer for Revit

The latest improvements to Ideate Explorer are added to our 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 versions. See below for a summary of the new features, or check out our YouTube What's New playlist.  

June 2022 Release

The June 2022 release of Ideate Explorer has been updated to support Revit 2023 and new data elements such as Mechanical Control Devices. This release also includes improvements for cloud network licensing when used on virtual machines.

Additionally, we have improved Explorer’s search engine to allow users to quickly find doors, beams, equipment and other elements based on their mark or other values as displayed within tags. Lastly, per user feedback we have added options to Collapse/Expand each folder, making Explorer even faster to navigate the Revit model.

Search tags

September 2021 Release

The September 2021 release of Ideate Explorer is all about warnings data. We’ve addressed one of our most frequently asked model health questions by improving the quality of the Ideate Explorer Warnings data as well as by providing integration with Ideate Automation so that periodic health check reports can be run in the background.

Now when you export the Ideate Explorer Warnings data you will see these additional data fields: file name, date, and warning category.




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