What's New in Ideate Explorer for Revit

Explore Warnings

Ideate Explorer has been significantly improved in this version to include detailed information about the Revit warnings in the project file. Be sure to check out the Warnings tab to review the health of your projects. Learn how to Explore Revit Warnings with Ideate Explorer.


Improved Querying

Ideate Query is a powerful tool found within Ideate Explorer that lets you dig deeper into the Revit model.  BIM Managers and production staff alike will find the Query tool an invaluable way to make complex selection sets or to audit the model. Improvements to Ideate Query in this release include:

For more details, refer to the online topic: Ideate Query Examples

Bundled Installation and Licensing


We've created a bundled installer for a more streamlined user experience; get all versions installed at once with fewer clicks.

MSI files are still provided as version-specific.


Now use one license code to activate all versions 2016-2019 - all standalone licensed customers must get a new license code to use this release! Activate or deactivate only one time to make all versions to work, or return the license for all versions at once.

Learn more about these changes in the FAQ article.

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