What's New in Ideate Explorer for Revit

The latest improvements to Ideate Explorer are added to our 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 versions. See below for a summary of the new features, or check out our YouTube What's New playlist.  

More to Explore

In addition to supporting new-to-Revit elements, such as the Path of Travel element and PDF (raster images), this version of Ideate Explorer has also been improved to help easily identify different types of Revit keynotes as shown.

Ideate Explorer Keynote Improvements

Structural Connections, added to Revit 2019, have also been added to this version of Ideate QuickSelect.

Improved Querying

Ideate Query is a powerful tool found within Ideate Explorer that lets you dig deeper into the Revit model.  BIM Managers and production staff alike will find the Query tool an invaluable way to make complex selection sets or to audit the model. Improvements to Ideate Query in this release include:

For more details, refer to the online topic: Ideate Query Examples

Warnings Improvements

The Warnings tab was added to Ideate Explorer in May 2018. Within this May 2019 release we are including several improvements related to Warnings.

View and Export Warnings Details

Per customer feedback, this version includes the ability to export a list of all warnings with the rank and related element Ids. Access this report via the Detail View button from within the Warnings tab as shown.

Performance Improvement — Edit Warning Data

We've made adjustments to the user interface on the Settings>Manage dialog which will make editing the rank settings quicker.

Clear Warnings Data

A "Restore Defaults" button has been added within the Settings>Manage dialog as shown below. This option can be used to restore the default settings for both the Warnings and Metrics data as defined within Settings.

Fix Identical Instances

We've had many requests to expand the Warnings functionality to include fixes for various Warning Types. In this release we are excited to include our first fix, which addresses the Identical Instances warning. To access this fix, right-click on this type as shown, and choose to either retain the original instance, or the latest instance. All others will be selected for deletion to expedite this potentially time-consuming activity.

How do I Delete ALL Identical Instances?

Learn more online: How to fix Identical Instances

Learn more online: How to Explore Revit Warnings with Ideate Explorer.

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