What's New in Ideate Explorer for Revit

The newest version of Ideate Explorer for Revit includes several important enhancements to Ideate Query in addition to the integration of the Save and Load selection buttons.

Ideate Query in Ideate Explorer for Revit is a powerful tool found within Ideate Explorer that lets you dig deeper into the Revit model.  BIM Managers and production staff alike will find the Query tool an invaluable way to make complex selection sets or to audit the model. Improvements to Ideate Query in this release include:

For more details, refer to the online topic: Ideate Query Examples for Revit Workflow with Ideate Explorer

The Load and Save selection sets buttons have been added to the main Ideate Explorer dialog per customer requests. The purpose of this feature is to facilitate enhanced auditing. Now, when a complex selection has been made, the resulting list of elements can be easily saved or retrieved through the use of this Revit tool.

For more details, refer to the online topic: Ideate Explorer’s Tools and Functions for Revit Projects

Other improvements:

...and don't forget, the Navigate View-Based Elements within Revit with Ideate Explorer tab provides an efficient way to expertly search, select, and filter on the project documentation including: Legends, Schedules, Sheets and Views. 

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